Half-day Discovery Workshop
Your chance to talk gigabits and barbecue pits with Bill Swanston.

During your lunch and learn-type discovery session, Bill will explain Frederick Swanston’s proprietary processes for evolving high tech brands, and then work with your team to uncover its specific challenges. At the end of the meeting, you will leave with an actionable marketing plan and clear steps for implementing it.

Typical workshop agendas include:

  • Discussing the scope of your project
  • Uncovering and addressing challenges and opportunities
  • Defining key objectives and measurements of success
  • Brainstorming possible strategies
  • Discussing next steps, budget and stakeholders that should be involved

Take the first step today:

To learn more, please contact Bill Swanston at 770.642.7900 or and we’ll find a convenient time to discuss how we can jump start the process.