Unique Challenges of Marketing High-tech Companies

Three ways technology companies can manage their biggest marketing hurdles

The speed at which technology changes means High-tech marketers face new marketing challenges every day. Three of the toughest challenges are directly tied to the customer experience, and solving them requires a careful balance of data-driven insight and brand consistency.

Challenge 1: Generating Leads

In a digital world, measuring the impact of marketing initiatives is easier than ever. That means high-tech marketers are under constant pressure to show a positive ROI in lead generation and conversion.

Opportunities for strengthening your lead-generating strategy include:

  • Develop a thorough profile of the audience(s) you are trying to reach, including the size of their companies, the issues with which they struggle, and the places they may go for answers
  • Create premium content such as Ebooks, White Papers or Webinars that address these issues and share them freely
  • Don’t forget video content: Including the word ‘video’ in an email subject line can increase click-through rates by more than 7%
  • Ask for customer referrals, and reward customers who give them
  • Get involved with your community. Sponsoring high tech activities for children or sponsoring community events puts your brand front and center in a very human way

Challenge 2: Managing Multi-Channel Engagement

Customers and potential customers expect your high tech-brand to engage with them through a variety of digital channels and devices. To ensure a positive brand experience across all channels, many high-tech companies put special focus on providing a more customized experience for tablet and smartphone users.

Opportunities for engaging mobile users include:

  • Create a dedicated mobile-optimized or ‘mobile friendly’ website that delivers content in more efficient ways
  • Optimize emails for mobile and use calls-to-action that take minimum effort (for instance, include a “connect” button versus asking users to type in information)
  • Using Chatbots and/or Digital Assistants to support interactions with customers and prospects who need instant troubleshooting or fast answers
  • Create Virtual Reality experiences that immerse prospects in your brand

Challenge 3: Nurturing Longer Consideration Cycles

High-tech purchasers are increasingly concerned about choosing solutions that fit their needs and their budgets, and they are cautious about making poor decisions. This creates longer periods of comparison-shopping, which may include reading online articles, scanning online reviews or turning to industry peers for feedback and/or recommendations.

Opportunities for moving prospects through the consideration phase include:

  • Use data to understand what will influence a prospect’s decision. This means looking for cues as to his/her goals, challenges and pain points that can be addressed.
  • Build on the previous interactions a prospect has had with your brand to ensure them your high-tech company is responsive
  • Engage the prospect with personalized communications and content that is relevant to his or her stage in the buying cycle
  • Develop a more personal relationship by helping to educate the customer and make the decision-making process easier

High-tech marketers have more to think about than ever before and expectations are higher. Staying focused on the overall customer/prospect experience will help ensure their marketing initiatives are successful by any measure.

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