Never Underestimate the Value of Creativity for Marketing High Tech

Four powerful examples of brands that use imagination to sell technology

Almost every innovation begins with imagination, so high-tech consumers naturally view technology brands as visionary. If you want to build a brand that lives up expectations, a good place to start is by developing creative campaigns that communicate features and benefits, in surprising and memorable ways.

Here are four examples of technology brands that successfully use creativity to deliver their message:

ThinkPad and Beatbox Torture Test

Lenovo uses creativity to highlight its intensive quality-control measures.

According to Lenovo, a ThinkPad must survive over 200 durability tests before it reaches a customer. To demonstrate the intensity of that testing, Lenovo subjected a device to a different series of assaults while spotlighting world champion beatboxer, Rahzel, doing his thing.

STEM Program – #MakeWhatsNext: Change the Odds

Microsoft uses creativity to inspire girls to choose careers in science and technology.

Girls can do anything, right? Not if you look at the numbers of those who graduate with STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) degrees. After interviewing a series of school-aged girls about their hopes and dreams for working in the fields of science and technology, the producers share a startling statistic. The reactions are powerful.

Try Your Hand at Quantum

IBM uses creativity to introduce the mind-blowing possibilities of quantum computers.

Quantum physics is a topic that is often met with blank stares, so imagine the difficulty of marketing technology that makes quantum computing possible. In this spot, IBM does it flawlessly using creativity and a deck of playing cards.


Samsung uses creativity to demonstrate the real-world durability of its products.

At their core, cell phones are fragile computing devices. Yet they also go everywhere with us, which means they must withstand pretty much anything users can dish out. Samsung’s phones are up to the challenge, and the high-tech company has found a creative way to prove it. In this spot, a room full of toddlers perform the ultimate in quality testing: the Samsung Crèche Test.

These examples prove that, even when marketing high tech, creativity can deliver a message like nothing else while ensuring that message will reverberate with audiences long after a campaign is over.

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