Do You Need a Digital Hub for Marketing High Tech?

What is a digital marketing hub?

In 2014, Gartner introduced the term ‘digital marketing hub,’ and has since defined such hubs as, “software that spans mobile, social and multichannel to provide integrated access to applications and workflows, adding capabilities such as collaboration, data integration and common analytics.”

That’s a mouthful. To simplify, a digital marketing hub is a central location where marketers can easily access cross-channel resources, content and customer information to proactively manage online marketing efforts.

How your marketing team can benefit from a digital marketing hub

Gartner analysts recently forecasted that marketing technology spending will soon exceed CIO tech spending. This shift reminds us just how complex digital marketing can be. Any tool that helps high-tech CMOs manage the complexity is a win. Digital marketing hubs are one of these tools. They allow users to oversee all other digital marketing tools and assets so they can plan and execute initiatives more strategically.

There are many providers of digital marketing hubs, both large (Adobe, Marketo, IBM) and emerging (Neustar, Cake, Rocket Fuel). All of these resources offer different types of services and approach problem solving in different ways, yet there are some capabilities they have in common.

Here are some of the actions digital marketing hubs make easier:

Consolidate customer data across all digital channels

Knowing your high-tech customer is critical for showcasing your product or service in the right way. Customer analytics programs and other data-reporting systems provide valuable information, but each provides different insights, limiting the ways you can view a customer at any given time. A digital marketing hub gives your marketing team a broader view of each customer by bringing data on website visits, email response and purchase history together with data from customer service calls, social media posts, mentions, etc.

Orchestrate marketing assets across all digital channels

A central hub allows marketing teams to manage the creation of digital marketing assets (written content, visual content, videos, etc.) and update them in real time, so it is easier to dynamically feed the most appropriate content and messaging to the right customer. This is especially important for those marketing high tech. Technology products often provide a range of solutions to customers, and prospective customers consider those products based on their particular needs. Understanding those needs during the consideration process enables you to serve up content that highlights the most meaningful product features and benefits.

Boost retargeting efforts
Technology buyers tend to compare and contrast products before making what might be a very risky or expensive decision. Having a digital marketing hub allows your marketing team to automatically move the decision-making process along. You can set specific business rules and algorithms to determine who sees what content and when, enabling you to serve up highly personalized content to customers who have visited your site but have not yet engaged. For instance, you might set a rule that says customers who viewed a product but did not purchase will automatically receive a video that highlights that product’s features and benefits. Seeing the product in a different way may be enough to move users to re-engage.

Measure marketing outcomes
High-tech CMOs have to demonstrate the connection between marketing investments and business outcomes. Digital marketing hubs make it easier by delivering a real-time analysis of each customer’s experience with your brand, so you can pinpoint the channels and content that lead to conversions. Then, you’ll know exactly where to put your marketing dollars and what types of results you can expect.

These are just some of the functions a digital marketing hub can address. Need more high-tech marketing solutions? You might enjoy my post Unique Challenges of Marketing High-tech Companies

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