Marketing High Tech by Simplifying the Complex

Three ways to more quickly communicate the benefits and features of your technology

One of the first rules of effective marketing is to keep it simple. This is pretty easy advice to follow if you happen to be marketing shoes or cereal. For those of us marketing complex technologies with dozens, if not hundreds, of valuable features and functions, keeping it simple has never been more complex.

Here are some few tips and some high-tech marketing examples to help simplify how you communicate about your company’s technology:

Tip 1: Focus on Consumer Benefits
Even the most tech-savvy customers don’t want to know the ins and outs of how your product or service functions right out of the gate. They want to know, “What’s in it for me?” How can your product or service make my life simpler?”

Our job as high-tech marketers is to find the intersection of what our product does and how it meets our customer’s everyday needs. There is always time to get deeper into nerd-level functionality, but first, potential customers need to understand that you get them and that you are on their side.

How SAP Does It

SAP, the enterprise application software company provides a perfect example. The mega-tech company has over 355,000 customers worldwide, each of whom it services differently. To ensure the brand is still able to reach and resonate with potential customers, the company created the SAP Solution Explorer, a site where those looking for enterprise software solutions can find the most relevant information for their industry and needs. This allows SAP to funnel customers to solutions and not overwhelm them with the broad capabilities and features of its software.

Tip 2: Be More Visual
Visual content makes your information stand out. It makes your content more digestible across all marketing channels and it can help you frame a story in a way that simplifies new customer presentations for your sales team.

Ninety percent of the information transmitted to our brains is visual – our minds are better at processing images than written information. That’s why Infographics are so popular, and why high-tech marketers should be creating more graphic presentations to communicate their workflow, product features and product applications.

How Manhattan & Associates Does It
Manhattan & Associates is a global technology leader in supply chain and omni-channel commerce. The company offers solutions, for a variety of complex business situations, to a wide range of customers in retail, wholesale, consumer goods, food and beverage, manufacturing, medical and pharmaceutical, third-party logistics and government.

When Manhattan & Associates needs to translate complicated solutions into something prospects will hear as a benefit to them, they use interactive touchboard presentations. These touchboards visually connect the company’s warehouse solutions (supply chain offering) to its in-store customer experience (omni-channel offering) and illustrate how their vast offerings intersect to provide customers with seamlessly integrated supply chain and retail management.

Marketing high-tech products with graphic touchboards is a great way to simplify the key benefits of a complex solution and enable your marketing and sales staff to more efficiently and effectively communicate that solution to prospective customers in a more relevant way.

Tip 3: Tell a Story

Making your customer’s stories your story is an easy way to simplify what you do for potential customers. People have a much easier time relating to a person than a technology, and an inspiring story is always more intriguing than a laundry list of technical benefits.

Video is hands down the best way to market high tech via story-telling. It allows viewers to see your technology or high-tech service in action, as shown through the eyes of someone who uses it and loves it. This video by Akai, a music company that sells sequencing samplers, is a great example of highlighting a customer’s story to tell their own. This features the story of a producer for Guns n’ Roses. A series of these videos have been posted to YouTube and inspire future musicians to discover the complex, but amazing technology behind MPC players.

How Apple Does It

For a more industry-specific example, there is no brand better at simplifying through storytelling than Apple. Consider the brand’s ad “New Beginnings,” which both explains the abstract idea of Apple’s Swift coding software and inspires new users, young and old, to experiment with coding themselves. 

Both Akai and Apple are simplifying their offering, connecting with customers on an emotional level, and boosting SEO, all with a simple, heartfelt video.

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