Marketing High Tech with a Side of Fun

Four high-tech companies that know the value of entertainment in marketing

When you are marketing innovative technologies, relying on the same old tactics won’t get you very far. The more entertaining your marketing is, the more your target audience will engage, so why not make the most of all the media channels, tools and tricks at your disposal? More and more, high-tech brands are thinking beyond the usual campaign tactics, content platforms and/or event themes and finding ways to captivate, amuse and even shock (in a good way) their audiences—and they are getting results.

Need some inspiration? Here are some of my favorite examples of creative tactics that make marketing high tech fun:


If you are a relatively unknown brand, here’s an interesting way to get attention: tell prospective customers why NOT to work with your company. That’s what Instamojo did in its article 6 Reasons To Not Choose This Free Payment Platform, and it had me hooked, thanks to the old bait-and-switch tactic of providing benefits in the form of a warning.


Moz, a high-tech company that sells inbound marketing and marketing analytics software subscriptions, sets the bar for making its brand feel human while also covering technical topics in “Whiteboard Fridays.” These are mini-video lessons on SEO and other online best practices presented in a friendly, non-threatening way by Rand Fishkin, the founder of Moz.

In this recent episode, Rand explains 8 Old School SEO Practices That Are No Longer Effective. If this information were presented as a written blog post or a white paper, it would be a snooze. Watching Rand map out examples on the board (and having a little fun in the process) makes the information easier to process and retain.

Google Photos
The Google brand is a lot of things to a lot of people, but one thing it rarely comes across as is a faceless, heartless high tech. Why? Because of work like their ‘Best Picture’ viral ad that ran during the Oscars to promote Google Photos service. The ad encourages people to explore the service by reminding them that the best movie they can see is one they make about their own lives.

We all love to watch funny, touching, shocking and heartfelt videos of people we know, and don’t know, because they remind us we’re human. Google tapped into that human truth to create an ad that truly inspires.

First Data

* Disclaimer * I had a little bit to do with this next example. First Data is one of our high-tech clients, and a leading brand in the payment processing industry.  The company was organizing a retail industry networking event and wanted to attract a C-level female audience.

Our main goal was to drive home the brand’s leadership positioning by illustrating how First Data is at the forefront of retail commerce. To do this, we developed a visionary theme centered on the unexpected idea of fortune telling and brought it to life with highly entertaining engagement tactics. For instance, event goers could consult with a fortune teller or have their palms read while staff handed out fortune cookies with individual brand messages inside. The fortune-telling theme provided lots of opportunity for communicating key brand messages in a way that made them memorable, and the effort was deemed one of the most successful events, logging maximum attendance and engagement.

So, what do all these examples have in common? It’s not just about having fun when marketing high tech. It is about having fun in a way that amplifies your core brand message and shows your brand’s personality. That means thinking outside the box, but inside your brand.

If you still need more fuel for brainstorming, there are more examples in my post Never Underestimate the Value of Creativity for Marketing High Tech

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