Marketing High Tech by the Book

How creating marketing playbooks can empower high tech sales teams

High-tech marketers spend a lot of time developing creative assets such as website content, ad campaigns, marketing videos and strategic sales sheets.
But even the best marketing won’t work if salespeople don’t know how to access these assets or use them in the field.

Creating a marketing playbook for important initiatives can give your sales teams the information they need to maximize the assets you’ve created, stay on message, and close the deal.

Tips for Creating a Marketing Playbook Sales Reps Will Use

Make It Actionable
High-tech sales reps are incredibly busy. They may be interested in what’s coming down the pipe from marketing, but they don’t have time for a detailed explanation of why certain campaign strategies or marketing messages were chosen. What they really need is an easy-to-use cheat sheet of sorts that highlights product benefits, includes current sales assets and provides effective messaging for overcoming objections. Delivering this information in a print or digital marketing playbook that they can take into the field will lighten their mental load while ensuring that everyone is telling the same brand story.

Make It Flexible
A marketing playbook may be used in several different ways. Sales reps might need to glance at it before a meeting to refresh themselves on current positioning, or they may take it into a meeting to use as a presentation tool. Digital playbooks are a good choice for the latter, because they provide a simple interface that can drill down to more detailed information as needed. Digital formats also allow you to embed PDFs, videos, charts and other helpful resources that put critical selling tools at a salesperson’s fingertips. When designed well, printed playbooks can be just as effective. The important thing is to create a playbook that is flexible enough to both educate sales reps and support their sales calls.

Make It Engaging
As with all marketing, how you format a playbook can have a big impact on whether or not salespeople use it. Including engaging visuals, charts, statistics and testimonials will make it easier and more fun to read and use. If you are using a digital format, make it as interactive as possible by including elements such as question and answer sections or popup facts.

Make It Dynamic
Every high-tech campaign or initiative will eventually change or evolve, so creating a marketing playbook that can also evolve is a smart move. Of course, it is easier to make such changes in a digital marketing playbook, but you can also create a print version that will easily accommodate new pages and tools. Be sure to regularly communicate with sales about the changes you want to make so that they are always familiar with the contents of their playbook.

The benefits of communicating with and supporting high tech sales teams is clear. But you don’t have to wait until you’ve launched a new campaign. Read my post Connecting High Tech Marketing to The Everyday Sales Process to discover my top 3 best practices for involving your tech sales team in the creation of campaigns and initiatives.

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