How High-tech Marketers Can Create Buzz Around New Innovations

Three ways to introduce a product no one has ever seen before

There are very few types of businesses that regularly introduce new types of products to the market. I’m not talking about a new flavor of potato chip, but powerfully innovative ideas that will change the way people live their lives every day. That’s a rare occurrence in most industries, but it’s par for the course in high-tech marketing. When your company is introducing never-before-seen tech on a timeline, bridging the education gap is critical.

Here are 3 tactics that can help your high-tech brand communicate about “first-of-its-kind” products:

Condition the Market
Pharmaceutical companies are famous for using this marketing tactic, because it works. When they have created a new drug that treats an issue people don’t see as an issue, pharmas simply condition the market by educating the public. Soon, people who never knew they had a problem are looking to treat this new condition or syndrome (restless leg syndrome is the perfect example). That’s when these companies swoop in to introduce the solution: their new drug.

As high-tech marketers, we don’t have to convince people they need treatment, but we do have to convince them there is an unmet need in their lives before we provide the perfect solution. So, rather than working backwards to convince people they need yet another new gadget, marketers can present that gadget as a solution to an existing problem and proceed quickly to highlighting its features.

Leverage PR
Press Releases are often used to introduce new products, and they do it quite effectively when the news is meaty and meaningful. For instance, if your high-tech company just launched a headset that can read people’s minds, the news isn’t about your company reaching a milestone. The real news is about the groundbreaking technology that is about to change the way people interact with one another. Lead with that, and readers will dig to learn more about your company. A well-written press release may be shared on hundreds of different websites, so be sure to include critical links back to your own website.

Create a Dedicated Landing Page
Developing a dedicated landing page or microsite allows you to track how much traffic you are driving with PR and other marketing efforts. Often, high-tech companies find themselves in a time crunch when launching a new product, and they don’t always have time to retool their existing website or create the landing page they’d like. Don’t worry. Even if you have very little content to share about the new product or you’re not yet sure about the language you want to use, simply creating a teaser page to build hype is a good place to start. A coming soon message can be enough to gather email addresses and start building a contact/waiting list.

Create Teaser Videos
Another incredibly effective way to get people excited about your new product is to create a teaser video that entices people to learn more. People share videos via social media more than any other format, so every share you inspire has endless potential for broadening your reach.

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