Finding the Right Partner for Marketing High Tech

Four reasons to choose an ad agency with industry experience

There are many times that an ad agency can apply its expertise across industries without needing deep vertical experience in just one. But to address the unique challenges of marketing high-tech companies, an agency needs specific expertise.

Here are four ways having a deep understanding of the high-tech industry makes an ad agency more effective:

1) They understand your audience(s)
High-tech audiences are varied and can range from the very tech savvy audiences to those with limited technical know-how. An ad agency must understand the nuances of both audiences to communicate well. High-tech B2B audiences may be very knowledgeable and crave in-depth, highly technical information. You still need to explain your high-tech company’s unique differences to this audience, but you should be careful not to talk down to them. That means having a deep understanding of what they know and what they don’t. An agency with industry experience has straddled this line before, and will already have approaches that work.

On the flip side, general or non-techy audiences may be overwhelmed by too much technical information, but they still want to hear about all the bells and whistles. This can include higher-up stakeholders who hold the purse strings, but don’t necessarily understand the applications for your product or service. An agency without experience communicating with this audience can easily lose them.

2) They understand your challenges
The advantage to using an ad agency partner with leaders in the technology field is that they know the challenges high-tech companies face, inside and out. They will understand that you must nurture leads through a longer consideration cycle than what may be normal in other industries. They know up front that your audience expects multi-channel engagement, and they will have a strategy in place to accomplish that. Most importantly, they know how to stratify target audiences by buying stage to develop and serve up the most relevant and motivating content at every touchpoint. Agencies without specific high-tech experience may take months or years to fully realize the complexities of the high-tech marketplace, while an experienced team will come to you with solutions on day one.

3) They understand how to simplify the complex
Complexity is the enemy of decisiveness. For high-tech prospects to progress through the sales cycle, they must have head-nodding moments in which they fully get what your company is doing to make their lives easier. They should not—and will not—wade through spec sheets and complex demos to get there.

An agency with deep vertical industry experience will know how to communicate details about complex offerings with big, game-changing ideas, simple, practical language, and visual and digital approaches that grab attention and invite inquiry. They will also know how to best present these communications to generate leads, inspire curiosity, and close the deal.

4) They know how to stand out in the marketplace
The high-tech marketplace is an exciting, innovative, ever-evolving arena. It is easy to get lost in the noise. Ad agencies that have little to no experience in high tech may offer up a lot of the same old approaches that your competitors are already using, because they don’t know what’s been done. An ad agency with a lot of industry experience not only knows what your competitors are doing, they may have worked with them. That insight is priceless and will always give you the leg up when it comes to rolling out show-stopping campaigns and marketing tactics. Sometimes, a fresh perspective can help a brand break out of the box it’s in, but in the case of high-tech marketing, a fresh perspective without insider knowledge can be a Pandora’s box of low ROI and missed opportunities.

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