Dynamic Website Content is Changing the Game of Marketing High Tech

What you need to personalize the brand experience for every visitor.

Personalized content is everywhere, from product recommendations on Amazon to movie recommendations on Netflix. Consumers have become accustomed to marketing that treats them like real people and not a generic “target.” That’s why static websites that never change and serve the same content to all visitors are being replaced by websites with dynamic content that can be customized for every visitor.

Here’s what you’ll need to create dynamic content for your high-tech company’s website:

A Database of Customer Information
Customer data allows you to personalize content based on a user’s demographics, geography, past behavior and demonstrated interests. Having this information in one place makes it possible to categorize visitors into hyper-targeted segments and serve up more relevant content.

A Smart Content Database
Dynamic websites bring together chunks of content to create the web page visitors see. Those chunks are managed by rules that you set. For instance, if a user is from Florida, you want to be sure he or she will see different content than one from Maine. Maintaining a database of content lets you organize your content chunks and serve them up in dynamic ways by showing or hiding them when appropriate.

Flexible Website Pages
Serving up relevant content such as dynamic team bios or customized product spec sheets requires a more responsive web design that allows the user to pick and choose content. A flexible web page must be able to quickly show and hide content, rearrange layout elements, resize images, and adjust to fit a huge variety of screen sizes and device types.

Dynamic website content ensures that all visitors experience the best your brand can offer them in real-time. And dynamic websites are more likely to surface on search engines because the content is updated so often.

Once you’ve created a more robust website with dynamic content, you’ll want to drive customers there with customized email content. My post Marketing High Tech With More Personalized Emails can help you get started.

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