Getting More Competitive About Marketing High Tech

Why tech companies should seek ad agencies that are based in major technology hubs

From Boston to Detroit to Las Vegas, cities everywhere are fighting for the right to be called the next Silicon Valley. Many of these cities can point to a solid number of technology companies in their area, but that doesn’t make them a hub. A truly thriving technology hub is an interconnected web of hundreds of high-profile, innovative technology companies backed by experts, special commissions and, yes, even ad agencies that know how to help them grow.

It surprises a lot of people outside of the South to learn that Alpharetta, Georgia—where my agency is located—is such a technology hub. According to Tech Alpharetta, our city hosts over 600 technology companies and supports over a quarter of Metro Atlanta’s top 25 technology employers, resulting in a daytime working population that exceeds the number of residents. That’s an impressive tech hub.

I’ve watched Alpharetta’s (North Fulton South Forsyth) tech scene grow stronger for decades, and I’ve worked directly with many of its largest tech companies along the way. What I’ve found is that having an agency that is steeped with the tech knowledge can give companies of every size a powerful creative edge. Here’s why:

We Speak the Same Language
I don’t mean we all say, “y’all.” I mean, we’re all entrenched in the technology sector every day, so there is no need to get my agency up to speed with what’s new in the marketplace or necessary for competing in the tech sector. This is critically important, because while a lot of ad agencies in small tech towns claim they get it, they aren’t dealing with the same level of competition, and they may have a narrow view of the high-tech marketplace. Having one tech client and reading a few industry pubs isn’t enough. You need a partner that thinks the way you do.

We Evolve Right Along with Them
Agencies like mine, that work in the center of a major tech hub, are always working with several of high-tech companies at one time. It’s an immersion course in marketing high tech, and every time something works, we build on it. That means we are never starting from scratch or simply throwing ideas at the wall to see what sticks. We already know what works, and we are focused on making smarter marketing decisions every day so we can help clients carve out new and broader markets while maintaining their current customer bases.

We Are Proactive, Innovative Thinkers
I read the same articles as my high-tech CMO clients, because I also have a horse in the race. Actually, I have several. I lie awake at night trying to out-think myself, and so does my whole team. If I see a tech brand score a huge marketing win, I’m taking notes and trying to see how I can put similar strategies to work for my clients. I think about tech all day, because I’m surrounded by tech all day. If I were in Las Vegas, I have a feeling I might be more focused on retail, resorts, and other hospitality brands.

Does every high-tech company have to use an agency located in a major tech hub to stay competitive? Maybe not. But, it can’t hurt. Better solutions come from better questions, and those in the trenches of marketing high tech are facing some pretty serious questions every day.

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