Choosing a Brand Asset Management Tool for Marketing High Tech

Five considerations to ensure the best ROI on marketing asset management

From photography to product specs or cross-media campaign assets, marketers have a lot of information to track, update and share across divisions and portfolios. Marketing asset management (MAM) software and solutions can make it easier, but only if they are flexible and efficient enough to work at the speed of marketing.

Here are five things to consider when choosing an asset management tool for your high-tech brand:

Centralized Access
For high-tech companies with multiple divisions, some of which may be international, it is critical for all marketing assets to live in one central location to maintain consistency across campaigns and channels. A top priority should be to choose an asset management tool that will provide one point of access and a searchable database that make finding assets easy and efficient.
Be sure to discuss how your marketing asset hub will be structured with those who will use it most. Will assets be organized by physical office location or by some other hierarchy? Over time, you may need to refine the way assets are housed to make searching for them easier, but having that discussion up-front is a good place to start.

Instant Updates
One of the biggest sources of confusion in high-tech marketing is sharing files effectively. In the past, users who made changes to a file were required to save those changes, but it was often unclear to other users when that action occurred, and there was no way to know if the open version was the most up to date. Today’s MAM tools instantly save changes in real time, which prevents simple human errors from slowing down marketing processes and ensures that the asset is always up to date. These tools can also track approvals and restrict permissions as needed.

Cross-platform Compatibility
Thanks to mobile devices, people can work anywhere, as long as they have access to the information they need. A good MAM software will give high-tech marketers instant access to assets on any device, so that changes can be made in meetings, on airplanes or anywhere else they choose to work. Having this flexibility will empower your team to be more responsive to the needs of the marketplace.

Rich Media Capabilities
Just as a good MAM solution must be flexible and work on any device, it must also have the ability to support a range of assets and formats. This includes audio, video and other rich media used to support responsive, cross channel marketing.

Embedded Metrics
If your MAM is going to house all your branding assets, it makes sense that it should also provide metrics on how those assets will perform. Knowing which of your assets is most effective, and with whom, allows your team to make informed marketing decisions. Look for a MAM solution that allows you to set criteria, and to gather the most relevant metrics for your high-tech company.
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