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Marketing High Tech In The App Economy

Three ways to improve your technology company’s online apps

  • According to Statista, the number of apps currently available from the leading app stores (Google Play, Apple, Windows, Amazon and Blackberry) is over 6,500,000.
  • The Apple App Store alone grew from 800 apps the month it was launched in 2008 to 2 million in January 2017.

With this many apps available to consumers, your high-tech company has a lot of competition. Continue reading

Dynamic Website Content is Changing the Game of Marketing High Tech

What you need to personalize the brand experience for every visitor.

Personalized content is everywhere, from product recommendations on Amazon to movie recommendations on Netflix. Consumers have become accustomed to marketing that treats them like real people and not a generic “target.” That’s why static websites that never change and serve the same content to all visitors are being replaced by websites with dynamic content that can be customized for every visitor. Continue reading

Why Growth-driven Design Makes Sense for Marketing High Tech

Two ways Growth-driven Design can keep your technology website on the cutting edge

The traditional approach to building a website used to be just that: build it and walk away. The flaw in this approach becomes clear as the website’s design and functionality stagnate and become outdated. When that happens, a redesign gets underway, and the whole expensive, time-consuming process repeats itself. Until now.

Today, more technology companies are choosing a growth-driven design approach that uses visitor data, user feedback and company goals to continually improve a website, week by week, year after year. Continue reading

Marketing High Tech to Innovators and Early Adopters

Three reasons targeting influencers is a smart move for technology companies

Want to create a buzz around your high-tech product or service? Focus on impressing customers on the leading edge of innovation. Tech-savvy consumers have an easier time overcoming the barriers to entry that often accompany new or improved technologies, and they are more likely to share their opinions with others. Continue reading

Never Underestimate the Value of Creativity for Marketing High Tech

Four powerful examples of brands that use imagination to sell technology

Almost every innovation begins with imagination, so high-tech consumers naturally view technology brands as visionary. If you want to build a brand that lives up expectations, a good place to start is by developing creative campaigns that communicate features and benefits, in surprising and memorable ways. Continue reading

Marketing High Tech with a More Welcoming Homepage

Web design tips that can humanize your high-tech brand  

Your high-tech company has many types of customers with a variety of needs. At some point, most of them will visit your website looking for product information, customer service or helpful resources and their first stop will normally be the front door of your company—its homepage.

Greeting users in a positive, friendly and brand-forward way lets them know that they are welcome and in the right place to get what they want or need. Continue reading

Marketing High Tech: How Well Do You Know Your Customers?

Three tips for learning more about your technology company’s audiences

It’s human nature to make assumptions about people, but when it comes to marketing high-tech products and services, assumptions about your target audiences can cost your company money. Taking the time to find out what makes your customers tick will give you with the insights you need to win, and keep, their business. Continue reading