How Infographics Can Help Simplify Marketing High Tech

Four best practices for visually communicating complex high-tech offerings

Infographics are ideal for communicating high-tech products and services, because they are designed to simplify complex information. Here are four ways to create infographics that can drive awareness of your brand and highlight the benefits of technology without getting lost in the weeds. Continue reading

Getting More Competitive About Marketing High Tech

Why tech companies should seek ad agencies that are based in major technology hubs

From Boston to Detroit to Las Vegas, cities everywhere are fighting for the right to be called the next Silicon Valley. Many of these cities can point to a solid number of technology companies in their area, but that doesn’t make them a hub. A truly thriving technology hub is an interconnected web of hundreds of high-profile, innovative technology companies backed by experts, special commissions and, yes, even ad agencies that know how to help them grow. Continue reading

How High-tech Marketers Can Create Buzz Around New Innovations

Three ways to introduce a product no one has ever seen before

There are very few types of businesses that regularly introduce new types of products to the market. I’m not talking about a new flavor of potato chip, but powerfully innovative ideas that will change the way people live their lives every day. That’s a rare occurrence in most industries, but it’s par for the course in high-tech marketing. When your company is introducing never-before-seen tech on a timeline, bridging the education gap is critical. Continue reading

Marketing High Tech by the Book

How creating marketing playbooks can empower high tech sales teams

High-tech marketers spend a lot of time developing creative assets such as website content, ad campaigns, marketing videos and strategic sales sheets.
But even the best marketing won’t work if salespeople don’t know how to access these assets or use them in the field.

Creating a marketing playbook for important initiatives can give your sales teams the information they need to maximize the assets you’ve created, stay on message, and close the deal. Continue reading

Choosing a Brand Asset Management Tool for Marketing High Tech

Five considerations to ensure the best ROI on marketing asset management

From photography to product specs or cross-media campaign assets, marketers have a lot of information to track, update and share across divisions and portfolios. Marketing asset management (MAM) software and solutions can make it easier, but only if they are flexible and efficient enough to work at the speed of marketing. Continue reading

Marketing High Tech by Simplifying the Complex

Three ways to more quickly communicate the benefits and features of your technology

One of the first rules of effective marketing is to keep it simple. This is pretty easy advice to follow if you happen to be marketing shoes or cereal. For those of us marketing complex technologies with dozens, if not hundreds, of valuable features and functions, keeping it simple has never been more complex. Continue reading

Marketing High Tech with a Side of Fun

Four high-tech companies that know the value of entertainment in marketing

When you are marketing innovative technologies, relying on the same old tactics won’t get you very far. The more entertaining your marketing is, the more your target audience will engage, so why not make the most of all the media channels, tools and tricks at your disposal? More and more, high-tech brands are thinking beyond the usual campaign tactics, content platforms and/or event themes and finding ways to captivate, amuse and even shock (in a good way) their audiences—and they are getting results. Continue reading

Choosing the Right Content for Marketing High Tech

Mapping your marketing content to each stage of the technology buyer’s journey

Your high-tech company may have hundreds of content assets at its disposal. But, how can you know when sharing those assets will be an effective strategy for influencing the decision-making process?

Mapping how you will use your marketing content at each stage of the buying cycle will empower you to deliver more value to prospects while maximizing your current resources.

Continue reading

Do You Need a Digital Hub for Marketing High Tech?

What is a digital marketing hub?

In 2014, Gartner introduced the term ‘digital marketing hub,’ and has since defined such hubs as, “software that spans mobile, social and multichannel to provide integrated access to applications and workflows, adding capabilities such as collaboration, data integration and common analytics.”

That’s a mouthful. To simplify, a digital marketing hub is a central location where marketers can easily access cross-channel resources, content and customer information to proactively manage online marketing efforts. Continue reading